"Freaking" Bombs and Secret Drinking - S:3 Ep. 14 "The Graduates"

Here are this week’s Really Moments:

1. “Meeting With Soderbergh” is code for drinking tiny little liquor bottle. Kevin is drinking again, but lying to his family, claiming he has big meetings with Hollywood producers. His favorite line is “Meeting With Soderbergh.” Unless Soderbergh has a twin brother named Jack Daniels, that is a lie. But I like a good lie, so I am starting my own phrase “Meeting With Oprah.” There is no meeting with Oprah where she decides I am one of her favorite things, it is just me, my couch, a TV and ice cream. That is my “Meeting With Oprah.”

2. Rebecca “sort of” drops the “F” bomb. Rebecca uses the “F” bomb, shocking Kate with her salty language. But this is network show, so Rebecca only says “Freaking” and we are supposed to imagine the “F” bomb. Fudge her, that is no fun. I say we move This Is Us to HBO and let the “F” bombs flow, maybe add a dragon, some breasts, and a killer wedding... Pearsons are coming. Oh wait, that’s another show.

3. Randall and Beth: Good at drama, bad at simple solutions. Beth’s job as a dance instructor occupies her nights and weekends. But with Randall’s duties as a Council member,  there is not enough time left over for the kids, so Beth and Randall have a fight. Of course there is a simple solution: Beth should just teach during the day. Boom. Problem solved. But that takes away drama, and there are four more episodes to fill.

4. Toby really likes a celebration.Toby throws Kate an elaborate graduation party for finishing up her college credits, and he even throws it for the few other people graduating. This guy loves a party. He probably also celebrates Arbor Day, their first fight, and the anniversary of his root canal. Toby, not everything is a celebration.

5. Randall makes a prediction that the Big Three will stay close, but if he only knew how close. During a flashback to their graduation, Randall predicts that he, Kate, and Kevin will remain close throughout their lives. Whoa. However, if he actually knew how close, he would have probably told Kate and Kevin they should just catch up once a year at Christmas.

Really? (Rating from 1-5: 1 means nothing too far-fetched happened; 5 means that someone else has died at the hands of a faulty crockpot):

I give this episode a 2. Toby’s celebration is a little much, but overall secret drinking and a couple who cannot see a simple solution to a problem are pretty realistic.  Now when is my next Oprah meeting?