Never Leave A Voicemail and We Are Preparing For A Big Fight - S:3 Ep. 16 “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away”

Here are this week’s Really Moments:

1. Women knowing how to give men the stink eye, starts early on in life. Flashbacks are back! Young Kevin and Sophie are shown at a school dance, and Kevin is pressured by the guys to prank the principal. But, middle school Sophie gives Kevin a “Oh no you won’t” look that would make any wife proud. That day, Sophie became a woman.

2. I guess “I am marrying a Long Island kindergarten teacher who likes Billy Joel” is the new code for settling. Sophie breaks up with the very handsome, charming, and rich Kevin, and marries the kindergarten teacher.  Sophie is happy for now, but is she really ready for a lifetime of Billy Joel, big hair and diners?

3. Randall teaches us to scream into the wind when you want to tell your spouse off, BEFORE you put it in a voicemail. Randall believes Beth is standing him up for an important dinner so he leaves a scathing voicemail ending with the fighting words, “Grow up Beth.” Oh Kevin, that can get you days on the couch. Turns out, Beth’s phone died and she was coming to the dinner, but the damage is done. Moral of the story: Never leave voicemails; yell at your spouse in person.

4. The Pearsons need a private plane. Air Pearson is at it again, with the whole family clocking in lots of time flying cross-country and now Randall is adding a 3-hour daily commute to his travels. The Pearsons really need their own private jet, or fleet of blimps, if they are going to keep this up.

5.   Prepare for an epic Randall and Beth fight.The episode ends with Randall and Beth closing the bedroom door. You know that fight is going to be a doozy, not like a usual couple fight about how to load the dishwasher.

Really? (Rating from 1-5: 1 means nothing too far-fetched happened; 5 means that someone else has died at the hands of a faulty crockpot):

I give this episode a 1. This episode is just moving the story along for the big finale.