No One Has a Job and Kevin Still Needs A New Publicist - S:3 EP. 3 "Katie Girls"

Here are this week’s Really? Moments:

This Is Us saves money on actors – again. Instead of hiring an actor who looks like a YOUNG Mandy Moore in high school, Mandy Moore is once again pushed into playing the role. These producers demand a lot of a cast member. Mandy Moore plays from 16-70. This strategy may save on craft services, but requires the audience to close one eye while watching flashbacks. One eye blocks out Mandy Moore’s crow’s feet, as she works her way through woodshop class. Pretty soon, we will see a flashback of middle school Toby where he’s 6 feet tall, bald, and has facial hair.

Kevin’s publicist is now setting him up to fail. Last week I noted that Kevin needed a better publicist and apparently the writers agreed because this week, Kevin is interviewed by Fresh Air host Terry Gross. By the way, Terry Gross apparently has a fantastic publicist to get booked on this show, as most of America could pass her on the street and never know. But is Kevin really ready for the latte liberalism of NPR? I see him more as a Kelly Ripa guest co-host when Ryan Seacrest is on vacation. Bottom line: Kevin still needs a new publicist.

Officially, no member of the Pearson family has a job. Yes, Kevin is in a new movie, and probably still has some Manny money, but none of the Pearsons seem to have jobs like normal people. Toby may or may not own a computer company, and Kate was a personal assistant and now is a singer. Randall quit his high-paying job in order to rehab his biological father’s rundown apartment building, because that won’t be a money pit, and now wants to run for city council. The last person in the family to hold a job, Beth, is fired, out of the blue, this episode. Maybe the writers are leading to a storyline where the Pearson family all has to move under one roof and wackiness ensues.

Miguel is more fun when he is heard but not seen. We find out that Beth, Miguel, and Toby have an ongoing group chat. Beth says it is mostly GIFs, but you know it is much more. Beth tells Randall about Miguel’s surprising insight into Randall. This is the first time, I like Miguel. Miguel is much better as a classic TV character that is never seen - like Stan on Will and Grace, Vera on Cheers, or Maris on Frasier.   

The sexiest thing in the world is a man washing dishes. Rebecca instantly falls in love with Jack after seeing him wash dishes, because one night of dish washing means he will never be like her father who sat by as her Mom did all the housework. No daddy issues there, clearly. No, Jack will be a true partner. Who knew this was all it takes to make a woman fall in love? Men, take note - you can save big money on dates this way. Now we know that if Rebecca finds Jack doing laundry (and imagine if he even sorts it correctly!), she’ll propose to him over the dryer.

Really? (Rating from 1-5: 1 means nothing too far-fetched happened; 5 means that someone else has died at the hands of a faulty crockpot):

I give this episode a 3. I cannot handle the fact that no one in the Pearson family appears to work, but can fly across country at the drop of a hat.