Are We Building to Something Here, Because This Show Is Slow – S:3 Ep. 6 “Kamsahamnida"

Here are this week’s Really? Moments:

Want to help a depressed person? Don’t constantly ask how they are feeling. Toby has the kind of depression where you are one with the bed, and not one with putting on pants or going outside. And you know what is really not helpful in this situation? Constantly asking the depressed person how they are feeling. Kate’s family asked this over and over and over, and Kate repeated it to Toby. Give depressed Toby a break! When you see him wearing pants, then you can ask.

Jack and Rebecca may be a “perfect” couple, but they still call each other “Babe” passively aggressively. When Rebecca tells Jack he needs to stop boxing, she prefaces it by calling Jack “Babe.” Like that’s a nice thing. “Babe” is to married couples what “Bless your heart” is in the South. Babe, do you really want to wear that ugly green shirt?  Babe, weren’t you going to fix the sink? Babe, I love it when you go shopping but can we really afford this? Calling your spouse Babe is a nice way to say “screw you” without swearing.

Husbands love it (not!) when a wife takes up his hobby. By the end of the episode, Rebecca has decided that Jack can box, since it reminds him of his brother. Then, Rebecca wants Jack to teach her boxing. Jack acts excited, but you know he’s really not. He teaches her anyway, probably resenting it, then acts like “oh, I never knew that you encroaching on my own personal thing could bring us closer. Yay...yay.”

Randall loves to put the cart before the horse. Randall continues his Council run in Philly, but starts by renting a giant office, without any staff or volunteers to work there. Maybe you better cut some dirty deals and raise some money before you go ahead and rent an office space, buddy. Walk before you run.

The most realistic thing on This Is Us is the joy Kate and Toby have when their dog poops. When their dog Audio eats a rock, Kate makes the brave decision to wait for the dog to poop it out, rather than spend buckets of money at the vet. When Audio does poop the rock out, Kate and Toby are thrilled. This is realistic. Any dog owner will tell you that it is shocking how much you talk to your partner about dog defecation.

Really? (Rating from 1-5: 1 means nothing too far-fetched happened; 5 means that someone else has died at the hands of a faulty crockpot):

I give this episode a 3. To be honest, not much happened here. However, Toby’s depression is being portrayed somewhat accurately. The major plotline that is now highly unrealistic is how Randall is running a campaign without actually, you know, running a campaign.