Pittsburgh Takes An Insult, But Vietnam Leads To Love - S:3 Ep. 7 “Sometimes"

Here are this week’s Really? Moments:

Kevin and Zoe are falling in love. We have no idea why. Kevin and Zoe travel to Vietnam, where Zoe gets sick from eating bat and then confesses that she was molested by her father who lives in China. This, of course, leads them to confess to falling in love with each other. Bat sickness will do that (plus their incredible hotness), which may be fine to start, but it doesn’t keep people together once the wrinkles come and the breasts sag. And Zoe will not even let Kevin tag her in on Instagram because she is afraid her father in China will see. But do old men in China really follow Instagram? My Dad thinks Instagram is just a telegram that gets there really, really fast.

Rebecca really wants Jack to talk, cry, share, rinse and repeat. Rebecca and Jack are on a cross country road trip after knowing each other a week, but Rebecca is already making demands on Jack to open up, share his secrets, and cry. Has Rebecca ever dated before? Men don’t cry after a week, and if they do, well, it may be a problem.

The phrase “Pittsburgh Good” becomes a new way to insult someone. The fine people of Pittsburgh cannot be happy with this week’s episode. A LA record producer tells Rebecca she is “Pittsburgh Good” which translates to “Hey sweetheart, you have no future in LA. Go home and become big at your local Karaoke bar.” That’s mean. Mister Rogers is from Pittsburgh. So is Wiz Khalifa.

Rebecca gives up pretty easy. Rebecca receives one rejection and decides to give up on her dreams of being a singer. That’s pretty weak. Just this week I’ve received 20 rejections and sent dozens of emails without ever receiving a response. They all disappear into the ether, never to be heard from again. Some mornings I get rejections before I have even had my coffee. Rebecca better toughen up.

Jack knows when to pull out the stops. In a tender moment after Rebecca is rejected by the record producer, Jack asks her to sing. Tears well up in Jack’s eyes as he remembers a fellow soldier’s parents telling him it was not his fault that his friend died in Vietnam, and he realizes that Rebecca is coming back to Pittsburgh with him instead of staying in LA. Then again, maybe it’s the idea of hearing Rebecca’s “Pittsburgh Good” singing for the rest of his life that has him weeping.

Really? (Rating from 1-5: 1 means nothing too far-fetched happened; 5 means that someone else has died at the hands of a faulty crockpot):

I give this episode a 2. This episode gave a relatively tame retelling of how Jack and Rebecca fell in love. The one crazy plot line was two people who had only known each other only one week falling in love while on a cross-country road trip. It is more realistic that they would kill each other.